Sausages and More – Direct to your Door!

Our lovely rare-breed Saddleback x Large Black

Happy Pigs are ready for you!

High in healthy Omega-6, succulent and full of flavour!

Prepared by a local butcher, this is pork from your childhood!

Why eat meat of unknown origin when you can eat pork brought up happily and healthily in North Devon?

All our pigs are raised here on our own farm. From tiny piglets they play and root for feed in sweet meadow hay grown here.  Their busy life ensures that they burn off calories, causing slow, natural growth, which produces meat with deeper, more succulent flavours and the skin to produce good crackling. Happy pigs are tasty pigs!

Half Pig – £130

Quarter Pig – £75

Joints, chops, belly pork and plenty of sausages

Extra Sausages £7.50 kg

FREE local delivery

Overnight delivery anywhere in the country

Contact us for more information

07780 942640 or 01805 804173

Jubilee Park Farm, Winkleigh, Devon


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